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About me

"I myself am strange and unusual"

- Lydia Deetz - 

Welcome to The bat in the hat web shop

Small business created by myself , many years ago.
My name is stéphanie and since my childhood , i 'm crafting stuff. My mother being a bone china painter , and my grandma a sewer, i grew up in an artistic environnement.


I'm a self-taught so it took me a long time to acquire necessary knowledge for this job, and at this time I am still learning, That's life!

Today I cannot imagine my existence without this, it's rooted in my head and in my heart, it is part of me.


During many years at the University of Performing Arts in Amiens, i studied Cinematography and audiovisuals arts (when I created my name in 2005) then plot twist! I finally made a career in a Bank, so it has not even a little to do with crafting.

 A good testimony, that all is always possible and that nothing is never set in stone, the main thing is always be yourself.

​I ' m lucky to be able to live from my passion, and after years groping, i can now share it with all of you through my crafts.

You will probably see that I am a creative hurricane , making a lot of different things, from clothing to decoration, jewelry, and recently candles made from soy wax.


I love crafting with everything, it's a way of life ! My world may be very weird and maybe you are not totally wrong. My cauldron is fill with dark Victorian, with a pinch of steampunk and gothic , sometimes a bit retro and sometimes totally spooky.

My witchcraft is one of a kind, especially by adding a little touch of fandom over it!

I am a big fan of Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.

I wish you good times visiting  my little shop of horrors and hope you will like my world.

PS: watch out for bats, they are flying low ...


©The bat in the hat shop
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