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I would like to buy items, but I do not see them in the shop?
If you can see  products you would in the store, it 's maybe because it is not yet or no longer available, indeed, the highly requested items (such as candles in jars) can be sold very quickly during updates. Sometimes in 5 min everything can fly away, so you will have to wait i stock again, or wait for the next shop update.

How does "Updates" work and what does it mean?

By "update" we mean that all new articles announced are going to be online. Updates are generally announced several days before on my social networks, on a blog or on the store's banner. It is often a specific day given with an hour range. This way of updating things is not necessarily suitable for everyone, but it is the most equitable way we found Some items are available in limited quantities and there is a very high demand.

Did you make custom orders?

Some custom orders can be made, but it depends what article you want. We make a lot of unique pieces or limited series so it's complicated. Soy candles, Ouija boards, stuffed animals, etc. are currently not available for order because demand is very high, and each piece is made by hand.

Why can't we reserve a products?
As I said above, as some products are limited and in high demand, reservations are not possible, because we will be obliged to make choices  between all of you, and it would not be fair and we cannot reserve for everyone. More, managing reservations is quite complex, because many people no longer show signs of life, or "forget", do not pay for purchases, and it is a lot of time wasted  for us and the others.

If  i received a wrong item, or it is damaged what can i do?

Before placing an order, you have to to check all the specifications of the items you want to buy. However, if you find that things are not right, or you change your mind, you can return them by following this procedure here. If you notice that the product is damaged or that an article is not the one that you ordered, contact us as soon as possible via the contact form here

Can we visit you at your workshop?
Unfortunately no. I can not have  public in my workshop I am sorry
What are you doing with my personnal datas?
Datas that you provide to us by registering on the website, are only used for a better order management . In no case these informations are sold or exchanged. Your phone number , is only used to notify  the packeage informations,  departure, delivery or arrived in post office or relay point. For more information, Please go here.
How to do with clothes sizing, i can't understand?

Depending on the items you choose all sizes are not always availbale, but you have measurments in each clothing description. This is a measurements table with  sizes, measures given in centimeters.

If you live in a country with a different sizing system, here is an equivalence:

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